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New Young Adult Community

The Young Adult Community here at WBC will be starting a new Bible Study this summer discussing “How to live out your faith.” This will be a 12 week study on the Book of James. The Young Adult Community is a group designed for young adults who have just graduated high school, are in college, have recently graduated college, and/or are single, dating or married and in the early years of adulthood. If you are in this age group and want to discover how your faith ought to shape your daily life, come join the Young Adult Community this summer as they study the book of James. The Bible Study will start Sunday July 3 at 9am in room 202. Contact Sam for more information

(720) 589 6777

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September 11
9:00 am – 10:30 am

Waxahachie Bible Church

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Join us as we worship God, become mature disciples, and carry Christ’s love to the world.

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